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"2nd Meeting of the USPE Executive Committee and Technical Commission 2021"

The current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic allowed the 2nd meeting of the USPE Technical Commission (TC) to be held in Prague from 7th October to 9th October 2021 and the 2nd meeting of the USPE Executive Committee (EC) from 8th October to 10th October 2021.

Based on the previous extraordinary video conferences, the agenda items were discussed. The EC made important decisions for the business continuity of the USPE and for the future.

The aim of the USPE is to promote sport within the European police forces and to coordinate the preparation and organisation of international competitions in the USPE sports, as well as to build social, cooperative and professional relationships.

The meeting and especially the personal interactions with the members of the Technical Commission and the Executive Committee from all over Europe was an important step for the re-launch of European Police Sport in 2021 - after the long period of numerous video meetings in the past two years.

The first EPC 2021 will take place from 5th to 8th November in Aarhus/Denmark.

2. EC/TC Meeting 2021

"1st Meeting of the USPE Executive Committee 2021 via Video Conference"

Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic, the 1st USPE EC Meeting 2021 took place on 24th April 2021 via Video Conference with the participation of all ten members of the USPE Executive Committee.

Based on the results of the Meeting of the USPE Technical Commission on the previous day, decisions were made on the USPE Sports Calendar and the further steps in the USPE.

The aim of the USPE to encourage sport throughout the European police forces and coordinate the preparation, organisation and control of international competitions in all sports disciplines as well as to build up social, cooperative and professional relations is supported by the EC’s decisions and can hopefully be realised again soon by holding the first European Police Championship in 2021, depending on the developments of the current pandemic.

1 EC Meeting 2021

"1st Meeting of the USPE Technical Commission 2021 via Video Conference"

As the 1st USPE TC Meeting 2021 could not take place in Prague/Czech Republic as planned due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the USPE Secretary General convened a Video Conference on 23rd April 2021.

All eight Technical Delegates, the President, the Secretary General and the General Treasurer of the USPE participated.

During the meeting, the following important topics were discussed - especially with regard to the current pandemic situation in Europe: the organisation of the USPE European Police Championships planned for 2021 and 2022, the preparation of further USPE Meetings and the 40th Congress, possibilities for the introduction of USPE Cups, the implementation of the new Anti-Doping Regulation and Data Protection, the update of the USPE Rules & Regulations and Forms, the work on the new EPLA Project as well as the Cooperation with International Sport Organisations and Projects.

1 TC Meeting 2021



USPE Anti-Doping Newsletter 2021

USPE Anti-Doping Newsletter 2021


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