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The Dutch Police Sports Association celebrates its 90th Anniversary!

On 25 June 2020 the Dutch Police Sports Association (NPSB) celebrated its 90 years of existence. This anniversary was a good reason for some cake! It also provided a moment to reflect, but especially look forward. In the coming years, the NPSB wants to invest in enabling police sports aims to be inclusive, with emphasis on recreational sports, connection and innovation, regardless of rank, age, and sports experience.

The motto of the NPSB is: move, connect and innovate.

Due to the current measures taken in relation to Covid-19, the NPSB continues to think of different and above all safe ways to sport and exercise. Within the NPSB they are looking at possibilities on many different levels, so they can enable their police athletes to participate in small-scale outdoor activities, such as sports clinics and workshops.
At this moment the NPSB is brainstorming about a new concept for the National Police Sports Day. The idea is to use virtual reality or apps, so everyone can experience a sportsday or week at their own location, in a new innovative and connective way.

As one of our founding members, the NPSB is well connected to the USPE. The USPE congratulates the NPSB and hopes for yet a very long collaboration.


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