Best performance in international Championships

Delfine Persoon

Mrs. Delfine Persoon (BEL)

20/04/14 in Zwevezele
WBC World Champion

13/12/13 in Aalst
IBF , WIBF and WIBA World Champion

21/09/12 in Antwerpen
IBF World Champion

Tagir Khaibulaev

Mr. Tagir Khaibulaev (RUS)

Olympic Games, 1st
World cup Judo, 1st

World Championships Judo, 1st

World cup Judo, 1st

Andreas Kofler

Andreas Kofler, Austria,

Winner of the Four Hills Tournament 2009/2010,

Olympic champion in Vancouver/Canada 2010 in teamjumping

Carlos Pérez Rial

Carlos Pérez Rial und Saúl Craviotto Rivero, Spain,

Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 in kayak double, 500 m.

Maria Grozdeva

Maria Grozdeva, Bulgaria

Goldmedal Olympic Sommergames 2004 in Athens, Sportpistol, 25 m, 688,2 points Broncemedal Olympic

Sommergames 2004 in Athens, air pistol, 10 m