Police Sports Conference

6th USPE European Police Sport Conference
07th - 10th November 2019 in Turin / Italy

>> program-booklet

>> Picture Gallery


5th USPE European Police Sport Conference
15th – 18th November 2013 in Eger / Hungary

How to organize an USPE European Police
Championship (EPC)

>> World Café Summary

>> Presentation Denmark

>> Presentation France

>> Presentation Germany

>> Presentation USPE

Hungarian Police Sport Association

The New EPLA

>> Development the new EPLA
(DR. Spitzenpfeil)

>> Introduction of the implementation of the EPLA at www.uspe.org
(Dipl.-Ing. CH. Hort, Nukuck)

>> EPLA Book

USPE TUE Procedure

>> Gabriela Andreiasu PhD, (Anti-Doping Commissioner)


>> The System of Physical Fitness Examination in the Hungarian Police

4th USPE European Police Sport Conference
18th – 20th November 2011 in Bergen / The Netherlands

>> USPE Mission, Vision & Values (World Café Workshop)


3rd USPE European Police Sports Conference
25.09. - 28.09.2009 in St. Petersburg

>> Future Police Sports Development